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How to Make Money with a Second Hand Children’s Clothing Store

You can make money with a second hand children’s clothing store that caters towards parents that are looking for brand name high quality children’s clothing, but at substantially reduced prices as compared to the original retail prices.

Think of how rapidly children outgrow their clothes, and you will realize how often parents will discard their previous purchases, and how often they need to buy apparel for their kids. You can capitalize on this reality by offering to purchase gently used children’s clothing, either for cash, or for credit towards a new purchase from your business.

If you want to gain a following for your business, you can initially stock it with brand new wholesale children’s clothing which you can purchase from a wholesaler such as myself, and then you continue to periodically buy it so that you can enhance your product offerings.

A second hand kids business can be run online through your own web site, on eBay, through local classifieds, from your home, or from a brick and mortar store.

Depending on the customers you are selling, you will want to use the right words to describe your business, and will need to clean and display the apparel as warranted by local tastes. Some customers will buy used clothes only as a means to purchase an item which they could normally not afford, such as a gently used Polo Ralph Lauren boy’s suit which is now heavily discounted, while other customers will shop at a second hand store for even essential and basic items, because of budgetary restraints. You need to carefully evaluate your market, and act accordingly.

For example, here in Greenpoint Brooklyn, there are second hand shops that cater towards a hipster crowd. They are looking for unique vintage items that can sometimes cost more than brand new clothing. On the other hand, there are second hand stores in other sections of Brooklyn that cater towards customers who simply cannot afford the full price of a brand new pair of designer jeans, and will look through used clothing stores for the same pair of jeans that someone might purchase at JC Penny for example.


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