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10 Tips To Help You Make Money In The Wholesale Children’s Clothing Business

Tip #1
Focus on brand names. People love brand names, and parents especially want to show their families how well their children are dressed. I would strongly recommend that you work with a wholesaler that can supply you with brand name children’s clothing at a below wholesale price.
Tip #2
Quality should be your main focus. Parents will spend more money if they can be assured that their children are wearing high quality clothing. Although non branded apparel can also be of great quality, you can be assured that any new wholesale brand name apparel you purchase will meet strict quality criteria.
Tip #3
Look through parenting magazines and take a look at which children’s brands are being advertised the most. Chances are that those are the most popular brands for kid’s apparel. If you’re still not sure, simply ask parents and grandparents which brands they prefer to purchase. You can then source these brands and sell it to them, since you have already prequalified them as customers.
Tip #4
Visit garage and yard sales. You would be surprised at the quantity of brand new children’s clothing that is being sold. Parents might have received it as a gift, or just never returned it after changing their mind about buying it. You can buy clothing this way for literally pennies on the dollar.
Tip #5
Sell your wholesale children’s clothing through consignment shops. They already have a clientele base that is looking for children’s clothes, so you don’t need to spend any money on advertising. And since they have a staff working in the store, they will sell the clothing on your behalf in exchange for a percentage of the sale.
Tip #6
Use eBay. Although it costs to list the kid’s clothing and you will have to pay more fees when the items are sold, your products will be exposed to millions of potential customers, and possibly receive a higher price than if you simply tried to sell the clothing offline.
Tip #7
Start a home based business selling children’s clothing. Your overhead is pretty much zero since you are not paying any rent, which means that you will be able to sell the clothing for a lower price than a store paying a high amount of rent can.
Tip #8
Rent a booth at a flea market or swap meet. Make sure your price point works for the customers that frequent the market. Visit beforehand and check out the prices that other vendors are charging.
Tip #9
Rent a retail location. This is a big step, but people do make plenty of money in retail so it might be well worth the risk.
Tip #10
Create your own web site. There are many online hosting companies that give you tools to create a free web site. You can then advertise your web site through pay per click campaigns, banner ads, and other free and paid methods.

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